Using debug console

Configure NikaMail manually.

Managing Users Manually

There are two methods of managing users in NikaMail: 1. Using WebUI. 2. Manually using debug console.

Using debug console

Starting console

If you use docker simply type:

    ~# make console

Otherwise accessing console a bit tricky:

    ~# bin/jruby app/main.rb console
Invoke methods

Debug console is simly a Ruby IRB with access to NikaMail environment. So the “commands” are actual ruby methods and must be used accordingly:

    (irb)> mymethod "argument"  # RIGHT
    (irb)> mymethod  argument   # WRONG
    (irb)> mymethod "arg1", "arg2" # RIGHT
    (irb)> mymethod  arg1 arg2     # WRONG
Add an user

Method adduser("name","password")

    (irb)> adduser 'mario', 'password123'
Change password

Method password("name","password")

    (irb)> password 'mario', 'password1234'
Delete user password

Method password("name")

    (irb)> deluser 'mario'
Search users

Method finduser("query")

    (irb)> finduser 'ma'
Add alias

Method setalias("alias email", "target email")

    (irb)> setalias '', ''
Delete alias

Method delalias("alias email")

    (irb)> delalias ''

Apply Configuration

When you add/remove users you don’t need to restart server to apply changes. However, when you add aliases you need to restart server.

Exit debug console by typing exit and start server in normal mode.