NikaMail v1.0.

NikaMail is a portable, extendable, zero-config email server. It is designed to perform automation tasks, provide access to mailboxes and serve as a mail transfer agent. NikaMail is built on top of Mireka and JRuby.

What does “portable” mean?

‘Portable’ means that every part of application is included in one package. Configure it once and run it everywhere.

Need to move the server on another machine? - Just copy it. It works with Docker or without it.

Raspbery PI? - No problem.


Name Features
Mail Exchange Server (MX) Receive emails. SMTP on port 25, STARTTLS
Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Send emails. SMTP on port 587, STARTTLS, DKIM.
POP3 Server (POP3) Access emails. POP3 on port 110, STARTTLS.
WebUI port 10080 (https) ,Configure server on fly using WebUI.
Mailing Lists Create subscription lists and private groups.
StartTLS Encryption TLS on standard ports. TLS is also supported by MTA for outgoing connections, GMail and other services tag it as ‘secure’
Email Automation Process and handle received emails using Ruby. For example, you can handle reports automatically.
DKIM signing Signing emails using a Private Key to prove that they are sent by your server
JSON RPC Server can interact with your applications.
Listings Rest API Add subscribers from your application.
Java Extensions Write server extensions in Java
JRuby Program and tweak server in Ruby


Name Descrition
JVM 7+ Java Virtua Machine. OpenJDK or Oracle
A POSIX SYSTEM Any Unix-like sytem should work. Linux, BSD*, MacOS, Android
265 Mb RAM (Minimal Requirement) It performs if the server is expected to process less than ~1500 emails in an hour.
512+ Mb RAM (Recommended) It performs if the server is expected to process more than ~1500 emails in an hour.
30+ Mb of Disk Space Don’t forget you need to store emails somewhere


Anton A. Nesterov <arch.nesterov(@)gmail.com> Feed that guy or hire him, or else, he’ll come in your spam nightmares.

NikaMail software is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Materials shipped within NikaMail distribution, including graphic materials, texts, third-party software and binary files are distributed under permissive opensource licenses by their authors.