Pairing with Gmail

Filter spam with GMail.

If there’s a need to receive lots of emails and advertise your address publicly you probably need to setup spam filters and imap inboxes. Setting up an own imap server would make sense for companies with 20+ people on board.

Using gmail as a frontend client is more reasonable if you have a small team. GMail will filter spam and keep your correspondence in one place while your team can use own brand.

1. Connect POP3 account to Gmail

  • Open Gmail Settings and select Accounts and import view


  • Click on Import mail and contacts and enter your email address.


  • Then enter your mailbox password and press continue


  • Gmail will try to retrieve emails from your inbox and this mailbox will be added to your gmail.

2. Connect SMTP account to Gmail

  • Return to Gmail settings view and click Save email as: -> Add another account. Then input your password and check Using TLS.


All Done!

Now you can use Gmail instead of email client.