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Who is NikaMail built for?

NikaMail was originally buit for e-mail automation tasks, but later it became a full featured e-mail server. NikaMail is used for handling Excel and PDF reports, providing company mailboxes, sending email notifications.

Can I use it with my website?

Yes. However, if your site is on a shared hosting you need a separate Linux VPS in order to run NikaMail.

Any plans to add IMAP support?

Right now, I don’t feel any demand for that. However, it is technically possible.

Can it filter spam?

No, NikaMail doesn’t filer spam or categorize emails. If you need to filter spam messages pair it with GMail or other frontend.

What is minimal requirements to run NikaMail?

NikaMail is known to perform well on a server with 256Mb RAM and old generation Intel CPU handling 1500 emails per day. However, it is recommended to have at least 512Mb RAM.

Can it run on RaspberryPI

Yes. It can run even on a smartphone as long as it has Java on board. Check out how to run NikaMail without Docker in documentation section.

Can I use RaspberryPI to send email notifications

Yes. As long as your ISP can provide you with a dedicated IP address.